About us!

What's up with the group, the games we play, and the site?

About the group

The Super Elite Friendship Club is a group of long-time friends who had the good fortune of meeting through the wonders of online gaming.

  • Grand Unity (aka Vega Illidarian, ronpaul) - I run this site, helped found the name (it started in Eve Online, play every game here.
  • Silvyra - kind of our group glue, he tied together our Michigan base with Grand, Aner, and Attle. Original DoD:S member, plays almost everything and leads the SEFC presence.
  • Shanyn - our representative female gamer! Marketer, beer expert, she's played League, Eve, Clash, and more. Also Silv's wife.
  • Ordinary Attle - original DoD:S guy, our sole west coaster, crushes FPS, second best Lucian in SEFC ;)
  • Aneruen - literally the best at every game, the stats prove it! Eve original,
  • Twilight Assassin - Michiganer, by hours maybe the most hardcore gamer of the bunch. Eve, Overwatch, League, Twi plays it all
  • Mr. EXE - Michigan base, got started in Eve with most of us. Ask him about Detroit. Roofing in July? now that's a hard job, but not for him...
  • Dysco - New York gangster, Eve expert, dabbles in Overwatch and League,

About the games

We play almost everything (and usually together). The games you see on this site are the ones we've decided to support because of their statistical availability and the frequency we play them.

About the site

The site makes use of several APIs and libraries. Here are the core components:

  • Python Django - the backend that powers the actual site
  • Pandas - the statistical libraries driving most of the stats
  • MongoDB - how we store all the data
  • AWS - the infrastructure hosting all this glorious (read:shitty) code